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In 2019 the German society of collectors of shipping related stamps SMS Navicula issued a CD with a revised and extended version of their catalog of maritime meter stamps in PDF format. Compared to the 2018 version of the catalog, it now contains approx. 4.500 illustrations of meter stamps with a maritime relation. Especially the number of meters from other countries than Germany was increased. Also, many black-and-white images have been replaced by those in better quality. Furthermore, some editorial deficiencies have been corrected or eliminated. The numbering system remained untouched and was supplemented by consecutive numbering of the new meters.
The stamps are grouped by area (Germany, Europe, rest of the world), and then by country and city. Per city they are sorted by the name of the owner of the franking machine. The 2019 additions are in a separate section. The catalog contains tables showing the cities from which meters have been included and with meters sorted by motive. A separate section is devoted to the pricing of meters. Preface, introduction and table of contents are both in German and English.

The CD catalog is available from SMS NAVICULA, c / o Rainer Theobald, Trappenbaum 48, D-34246 Vellmar, Email:; Subject, 'Meter stamp catalog 2019'. Price: 24.00 excl. shipping costs.
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Updated 29 January, 2020