Ships on meter stamps - the Netherlands

This page shows some of my Dutch meter stamps showing ships.
Please e-mail me if you can identify one of the ships or if you don't agree with my identification.

Statendam III (1929), liner, Holland-America Line

Nieuw Amsterdam II (1938), liner, Holland America Line

Maetsuycker? (1937), liner, Java-China-Japan Lijn

Boissevain? (1937), liner, Kon. Java-China-Paketvaart Lijnen N.V.

Oranje (1938), liner, Stoomvaart Mij Nederland

Oranje (1938), liner, Stoomvaart Mij Nederland

Slamat? (1924), liner, Willem Ruys & Zn

Willem Ruys (1947), liner, Koninklijke Rotterdamsche Lloyd
ordered in 1938, delivered in 1947

Rotterdam V (1959), liner, Holland-America Line

Ostfriesland III (1985), ferry, Borkumlijn

Ben-my-Chree VI, 1998, ferry, Isle of Man Steam Packet Co., Douglas, Isle of Man
Built by Van der Giessen-de Noord N.V., Krimpen a/d IJssel

Bluestar 1/2, 2000, ferry, Strintzis Lines Shipping
Built by Van der Giessen-de Noord N.V., Krimpen a/d IJssel

coaster, Wagenborg

coaster, Wagenborg

coater, Gruno Coasting

coaster, Amons & Co

coaster, P.A. van Es & Co. N.V.

coaster, Ripmeester & Co N.V.

coaster, W.H. James & Co

freighter, Ruys & Co

freighter, Meyer & Co

freighter, Meyer & Co

Arctic (1978), freighter, Rederij Arctic, Groningen

Uisge Gorm (1983), Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO), Bluewater

container ship, Incotrans

container ship, Atlantic Container Line

mussel fisher, Yerseke

KG 9, fishing boat from Kortgene

tug, L. Smit & Co.

Barracuda (1971), tug, Multraship

Vereniging van Sleep- en Duwbooteigenaren
(Association of tug and pusher owners) "Rijn & IJssel"

Rotterdam? (1898) or Prins Hendrik? (1908), Rhine paddle steamer,
Nederlandsche Stoomboot Reederij Akkermans (NSRA)

lifeboat type Zeeleeuw, 1977, KNZHRM

Suzanna (1968), lifeboat, KNRM

Should represent the Prinses Juliana (1986) of the Provinciale Stoomboten Diensten
but in fact the picture shows the Prins Willem-Alexander (1970) with two additional funnels.

Eendracht (1989), sail training vessel, Stichting 'Het Zeilend Zeeschip'

Staverse jol ST 48, fishing boat

botter yacht

BM 241 sailboat

BM 241 sailboat

Waarschip, yacht

yacht, Flying Dutchman?

yacht, transatlantic race

Elisabeth Smit, Stichting Het Varend Museumschip

Tjeukemeer kruiser, motor yacht, jachtwerf Tjeukemeer

motor yacht, Lowlands Yachts

river barge, Vereenigde Tankreederij B.V.

river barge, L. van der Kamp & Zn

grain elevator

river barge, Van Tol-Almelo B.V.

ferry unloading lorries (C.B.A. van de Plasse, Sluis)

ship unloading coal, A.C.Z. de Carbonisation U.A., Sluiskil

river barge unloading sand

river barge unloading sand - note the mirrored image

ship loading containers, Bell Lines

shipyard "De Hoop", Lobith

shipyard NDSM, Amsterdam

drydock Amsterdamse Droogdok Maatschappij, Amsterdam

shipyard P.Smit Jr, Rotterdam

shipyard Amels, Makkum

Vulcanus, (1956), waste incinerator ship

Stanislav Yudin (1985), crane ship, Seaway heavy lifting

Alcmaria, canal trip boat, Woltheus cruises, Alkmaar, NL

Columbus, party ship

dredger, Bos & Kalis BV

ship breaker Frank Rijsdijk - Hendrik Ido Ambacht

Almirante Grau, cruiser, Peru, ex Hr. Ms. De Ruyter, the Netherlands, 1953

viking ship (Hydro Agri)

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