Collecting Ships on Stamps

If you are interested in collecting ships on stamps, you will certainly be interested in one of the following:
  • Becoming a member of the Ship Stamp Society.

  • Visit the site of the ATA Ships Section (American stamp collectors) or Navicula, a German society of ships on stamps collectors. They have an interesting site with every month a new theme.

  • Discuss the ships shown on stamps: you may become a member of the Yahoo group "ShipsOnStamps".

  • The Stanley Gibbons thematic catalog "Collect Ships on Stamps". The latest edition, 2001, contains information on over 14,250 stamps showing ships.The number of named ships now stands at 3,850. These all appear in the Index section, together with reference by ship type under forty different headings.
  • The Michel catalogue Schiffe - Ganze Welt 2011: Register book with Michelsoft CD with catalogue data and pictures.
  • Website Philateliemarine
  • Website Seemotive
  • Website Maritime Topics on Stamps

Ship Stamp Society

The Ship Stamp Society exists for the benefit of all those who collect Ships on Stamps, or related themes such as lighthouses and maritime cancellations.

Members receive, for the sum of 17.00 per year (outside Europe 20.00 if you require Log Book posted via Air Mail or just 12.00 for an online membership),

  • Logbook, a bi-monthly magazine, with both short and long articles, letters, website listings, questions - and often the answers - and so on.
  • There is an on-line encyclopaedia on a dedicated site at that has stamps for purchase on line.
  • Access to the Society's packet circuit, where members exchange stamps at modest cost (UK members only).
  • Access to the Society's annual auction (open to ALL members).

None of these is otherwise available. - We do carry out some research for NON Members providing it deals with our theme.

For joining the Society you can sign up online.

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Updated 9 January 2017